I am an emerging performance artist who creates large scale installations, live work and abstract films through the exploration and representation of rituals and ceremonies. I gather easily recognisable materials from my daily life; these materials are signifiers to the themes I play out within a piece of work.  My work seeks to recognise the historical context of fine art and explores this in a contemporary fashion. My work typically uses contemporary dress and I chose to conceal my face in order to create a more honest proposition. I move within a space rhythmically and meditatively in informed patterns. I rely on cultural anthropological research to inform the creative process.
However I also examine shamanic reasoning, natural landscapes and Grecian history of storytelling. By using layers of history as a basis for my understanding I explore the propagation and repetition of myth. I look for similar themes between unconnected societies as a way of considering the explanation for existence outside of scientific truths.
I am interested in the traces left after an event. What is left behind which alludes to a ‘happening’. My curiosity lies in the memory of an event becoming a happening in its own right. The Perpetuation of the event becomes a myth which in turn becomes the expression I seek.